We took the most important things: awards, calendaring, and communication. Then, we removed all the extra junk. The result is a program that saves you time by staying out of your way.

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Easy (and fun) to use

Cub Scouts is fun – it only makes sense that your tracking software should be fun too. To keep it simple, we focus on the things you actually use and get rid of all the junk you don’t.

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It works on your phone

Picture this… Your den meeting has just ended – you pull out your phone, check off which boys were there, and BAM! …those awards appear on your pack’s shopping list. This happens every week in CubTrails.

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It helps you out

CubTrails is always analyzing your pack and noticing when things don’t look right. From scouts that are falling behind to awards that need to be purchased, CubTrails is always prompting you with what to do next.

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