6 reasons CubTrails is better than a Cub Scout spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a popular method of tracking Cub Scout achievements. The spreadsheet is created using a program like Microsoft Excel, and the user (usually a Den Leader) downloads the file onto their personal computer.  When the file is open, it has boxes where the Den Leader can check off individual achievements for each scout in their den.

But even being free and easy… cub scout spreadsheets have some major issues

1. Spreadsheets are susceptible to computer crashes and viruses

If your computer crashes, or your hard drive gets corrupted, or you get a virus, or lose your computer, then all your den’s achievements will most likely be lost… forever.  YOU are responsible for making sure the spreadsheet is properly backed up, and that your computer is free of any viruses or malware.

With CubTrails, your data is hosted on secure servers that are backed up multiple times per day.  If your personal computer crashes, you won’t lose a single achievement. Try out CubTrails for free…

2. Parents can’t see or modify their cub scout’s achievements

Many of the cub scout achievements are completed at home.  If you are using a spreadsheet to track the achievements, then the parents will have to call you to find out what to work on, AND they’ll have to call you once they’re complete so you can mark them off.

With CubTrails, parents can log in to see what requirements are already complete, which requirements are planned for upcoming den meetings, and once the achievements are complete, the parents can mark the achievements complete. Try out CubTrails for free…

3. Spreadsheets don’t let you plan meetings

With a spreadsheet, you don’t have any ability to plan out den meetings or manage a calendar of cub scout events.  This makes it difficult for parents to know when den meetings are, or what achievements you’ll be working on.

With CubTrails, you can plan out all your den meetings in advance.  Parents can view the upcoming calendar, and see what items will be worked on.  They can even download the upcoming events to their desktop of mobile device calendaring software! Try out CubTrails for free…

4. Spreadsheets don’t run on your mobile device

How nice would it be to be able to enter your den meeting details from your mobile phone after the meeting is complete?  With a spreadsheet, it’s impossible.  But with CubTrails, you can access everything from your mobile phone, tablet device, or desktop computer.

5. Your Advancement Coordinator still has to chase you down each month

With a spreadsheet, your Cub Scout Advancement Coordinator still has to call each Den Leader every month to find out what awards should be purchased.  This can be a huge hassle.  With CubTrails, the awards automatically get added to a shopping list that your coordinator can take to the scout store. Try out CubTrails for free…

6. Spreadsheets don’t track Cub Scout belt loops and pins very well

With Cub Scout spreadsheets, you usually have to maintain two separate spreadsheets:  one for your rank advancement, like Wolf, Bear, etc., and another spreadsheet for the Academic and Sport belt loop and pin requirements.  This is a huge pain, and requires you to enter scout information in multiple places.  Then, when the scout graduates to the next den, it’s almost impossible to transfer the belt loop and  pin information to the next den leader.

With CubTrails, everything is tracked in the same system.  If a belt loop is required for a Webelos requirement, it’s right there – no need to jump to another program.

There are many more benefits…  Why don’t you give CubTrails a try for free?

Try out CubTrails for free…