Following are the main features of CubTrails:


  • Alerts when a scout is behind schedule
  • Award approval and audit process
  • Easy shopping lists & pack meeting award lists
  • Awards automatically carry over if the scout doesn’t attend pack meeting
  • Meetings intuitively apply achievements when attendance is taken
  • Parents can apply achievements from home – the den leader reviews and approves them
  • Custom pack awards


  • Our calendars sync with smartphones, desktops, or Google calendar
  • Calendars automatically show the right events based on who you are
  • Calendaring is built intuitively around den meetings, pack meetings, and activities, so planning is extremely fast
  • You can embed the pack calendar on your existing website


  • Den and pack leaders have simple tools to email parents and leaders
  • Simple templates are provided for common occurrences, like meetings
  • Links from email support simple access for parents, even if they haven’t created an account
  • Our system also supports SMS for an extra fee (we have hard costs there)

Other Stuff

  • Pack and den dues
  • Scout and leader photos
  • Smartphone or tablet access
  • Integrate with BSA’s Internet Advancement site
  • Phone and email support

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