Our Approach

OK, time to wax philosophical…


You are a volunteer.  You don’t have to do what you do.  You do it because you care about the scouting program and how it benefits the scouts.  You should spend your time as a volunteer working with the scouts, not wrestling notebooks, or charts, or trying to recover the spreadsheets you lost when your computer crashed.  Most tracking software programs promise you freedom from these woes with a wide array of features, but then leave you feeling stupid because they are so hard to use.

Creating software is easy.  Creating software that’s easy to use is really hard.  And it takes a lot of time and patience and attention to detail.  That is what we do.

Anti Features

You know you have reached perfection in design, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to be taken away.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Seriously, though – software has so little to do with how many features it has and everything to do with usability – focused on the things you do every day.  It’s natural for software vendors to want to add more and more features – but before long, the software gets bloated and hard to use.  It takes an incredible amount of restraint to fight that urge and say “no”.

Focus on Progression

The most important thing in a pack is that the boys are progressing.  We didn’t want progression to be a report that was hidden in a menu somewhere.  We wanted progression to be front-and-center.  To help us in this, we created a proprietary algorithm that helps us determine if a boy is “falling behind”.  Of course – “proprietary algorithm” is tongue-in-cheek:  we just take how long the boy’s been in the Wolf den, how far he is towards completing his Wolf, and subtract the two…

Still – this simple indicator is important.  You’d be surprised how many parents log into a tracking system to update records, yet have no idea that their boy is falling behind.  Throughout CubTrails, you’ll see little warning icons where things appear to be getting out of whack.


We believe that mobile is the future.  And so we built CubTrails to be 100% functional on an iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, and most other devices you can think of.  We know you’ll appreciate being able to enter your den meeting from your iPhone, or browse pack data from your iPad while sitting on the couch.  We certainly do.