6 reasons CubTrails is better than PackMaster

PackMaster software has been around a really long time.  In fact, it was one of the first programs created for tracking Cub Scout achievements.  It’s based primarily on the popular program Troopmaster, which is used to track Boy Scout troop achievements.

PackMaster has been around so long that many people don’t realize that there are much newer and better solutions out there.  Here are some of the main ways in which PackMaster falls short:

1. PackMaster is not truly an online solution

PackMaster was built when computer programs were meant to be installed on your computer.  But now, everything we use is online:  Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, etc.  Online programs make it easy for lots of people to access to the same up-to-date information.  PackMaster has attempted to adapt to the online world by creating add-ons that sync data to and from the web, but the core product is still a Windows-only desktop program.  With PackMaster, the current master data file for your pack still lives on a single person’s computer.  Data viewed from PackMaster web will almost always be out of date.

CubTrails was built from the ground up to be like Facebook:  available, centralized, and online.  Your data is always current, there’s no need to install software, or sync databases, or run FTP sites, or any of that.  CubTrails runs in a highly secure environment, with automatic backups of your data taken multiple times per day.  Being online makes it so much powerful, as many of the next points will show.

2.  PackMaster only runs on Windows computers

If you have a Mac, forget it.  You must have a Windows computer in order to install PackMaster.

Because CubTrails was built to run online, it can be accessed from any type of computer, tablet or phone.

3. PackMaster isn’t as easy as CubTrails

Here is a case study:  For a parent to mark off a single requirement using PackMaster Web, they would have to click a whopping eight times.  In CubTrails, the same task is done with two clicks.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s really important if you want to get parents involved in using the system.  We’ve tailored every aspect of the system for each type of user (admin, cubmaster, den leader, parent, etc) to eliminate clicks and visual noise.  Additionally, we provide progress status and practical hints throughout the software, things like: “You have 15 awards that need to be purchased”, or “You need to update results from your recent Pack Meeting”.

The best way to get a feel for how easy CubTrails is compared to PackMaster is just to try it out…

4.  PackMaster wasn’t built for Cub Scouts

This is true of most Cub Scout tracking software.  Developers try to build one program that works for both Cub Scouts AND Boy Scouts.  In doing this, they have to settle on vague words that have little meaning, and it’s up to the user to decipher what they really mean.  Here are some examples:

In PackMaster:

Den Meeting = “Group Credit” or “Activity”
Den Leader = “Adult”
Pack Meeting = “Activity”
Cubmaster = “Adult”

In CubTrails, you’ll find things named what you expect:  “Plan a Den Meeting”, “Plan a Pack Meeting”, “Create a Den”, etc… Because CubTrails was built specifically for Cub Scouts.

5. PackMaster has limited mobile functionality

PackMaster has limited functionality through its mobile portal, and the data in the mobile portal is usually out of date (depending on when it was last synced).  The mobile site also doesn’t offer availability for tablets, and the users are asked how many pixels wide their mobile phone is upon login (because we all know the answer to that question!)

In contrast, CubTrails offers 100% compatibility for the entire program through your phone, tablet, or computer – and we do the work of detecting what kind of device you’re using and tailor the experience to you.

About 30% of our total usage comes from mobile phones and tablets – especially for den leaders and parents.

6. PackMaster isn’t updated very frequently

Because PackMaster is desktop software, it doesn’t get updated very frequently. On the other hand, CubTrails is constantly being updated with improvements. We are committed to keeping CubTrails up-to-date with the latest and best technologies, and we are committed to responding to our users’ feedback.

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We hope we’ve captured your interest enough to at least check out CubTrails.  You can create a free trial account to kick the tires a little bit:

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